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News - April 27, 2021

Martha Koome – Biography, Age, Education, Family, husband, children

Justice Martha Koome profile

Justice Koome full name is Martha Karambu Koome. in the professional circles she is called Lady Justice Martha Karambu Koome. She was born in the Meru region.

Martha Koome Education

She holds an LL.B. from the University of Nairobi and an LL.M in Public International Law from the University of London.

Justice Koome Career

Judge Koome was appointed Judge of the Court of Appeal in January 2012. Prior to the appointment to the Court of Appeal, she served as Puine Judge for 8+ years and practiced law for 15 years. Judge Koome has a total of twenty-six years’ experience both as a legal practitioner and a Judge of the High Court and as Judge of The Court of Appeal. She began her legal career in private practice in 1988, where she succeeded in running one of the most successful women’s law firms at the time. While in private practice, Judge Koome distinguished herself as a defender of Human Rights concentrating specifically on Gender Rights. She represented political detainees and persons charged with politically instigated offenses during the volatile period of one-party rule. She was one of the lawyers who actively participated in the clamour for the repeal of section 2A of the Constitution and for the Independence of the judiciary.

Justice Koome Supreme court of Kenya

The mandatory retirement age of judges in Kenya is 70 years. Since Deputy Chief Justice Kalpana Rawal has attained this age, there was a renewed clamor to succeed her. Among those seen as the most eligible front runners for the post was Justice Martha Koome. With her rich professional experience, she is touted as a very good candidate. The Deputy Chief Justice position is De Facto a women’s seat. Now she has been recommended for the CJ position. Congratulations to her.

Martha Koome Family, Husband, Children

She is married and is a mother of 3 adult children.

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  1. Martha, God’s time is the best. We are so happy to see you up there. And most importantly, hold the mantle tight and look forward to ensure justice is prevailed.

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