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Exploring Nairobi attractions is like opening a treasure chest of experiences.

The populous capital of Kenya, boasting a population of over three million people, provides an array of engaging cultural explorations, animal sightings and architectural wonders.

From bonding with baby elephants at the orphanage to touring around the iconic Kenyatta International Conference Centre, Nairobi has something for every traveler.

But here’s an interesting fact: Nairobi, also known as ‘Green City in the Sun’, is one of the few cities globally that hosts a national park within its boundaries!

If you’re planning to visit this East African gem or are already there looking for top places to explore, our guide on Nairobi attractions will lead your way.

This post delves into what to do in Nairobi, everything from witnessing pottery making process at Kazuri Beads Factory to exploring Danish colonial history at Karen Blixen Museum and much more.

We’ve got all bases covered! Keep reading…

Wildlife Experiences in Nairobi

As an expat in Nairobi, you can take advantage of the unique wildlife experiences it has to offer. The city in the sun offers some of the most unique wildlife experiences in the world.

Visiting the Giraffe Centre

The first stop on our safari trail is the Giraffe Centre, a must-visit top attraction in Nairobi. Here, you can mingle with endangered Rothschild’s giraffes that roam freely. And yes, you can even feed them.

Nairobi attractions Wildlife girraffe centre
Face to face moment with the Rothschild’s Giraffe (Giraffe Centre Nairobi)

Bonding with Baby Elephants at The Orphanage

Next up is the Elephant Orphanage, a heartwarming experience that’s more than just a tourist attraction. It’s a nursery and rehab centre for baby elephants. You can watch these adorable babies being bottle-fed their formula milk, and it’s like watching toddlers throwing tantrums but cuter (and bigger).

It’s important to note that these experiences aren’t just about ticking off your bucket list items or Instagramming perfect shots – though that’s a bonus. They’re also about supporting conservation efforts. Every selfie taken contributes towards ensuring future generations will still have these magnificent creatures around.

So, let loose and enjoy this wild ride through Nairobi’s unique blend of urban life meets natural beauty.

Elephant Orphanage sheldricktrust
Nairobi attractions
Elephant Orphanage sheldricktrust

Get up close and personal with endangered Rothschild’s giraffes at the Giraffe Centre, then bond with baby elephants at the Orphanage in Nairobi. Not just a bucket list item – it supports conservation efforts too. #NairobiAttractions #WildlifeEncounters

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Cultural Insights through Museums

Embark on a journey back in time and discover Nairobi’s rich history and culture through its museums.

Exploring Danish Colonial History at Karen Blixen Museum

The Karen Blixen Museum, named after the famous Danish author who wrote ‘Out of Africa’, is a must-visit. Step into her former home, now a museum, and gain insights into colonial times.

The museum showcases personal artifacts and photographs from her life in Kenya, offering a glimpse into one of her novels.

Discovering Kenyan Heritage at National Museum

Don’t miss the National Museum, which houses diverse cultural artifacts reflecting Kenya’s rich past and present. From early man fossils to traditional tribal artifacts, this treasure trove has it all.

Visit the National Museums of Kenya website for more information about current exhibitions and events.

These two destinations offer an enriching experience for expats interested in learning about Nairobi beyond its tourist attractions. Gain a deeper understanding of this vibrant city called Nairobi.

Step into Nairobi’s past and present through its museums. Gain insights into colonial times at Karen Blixen Museum & explore Kenyan heritage at National Museum. #NairobiAttractions #CulturalInsights

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Artisanal Crafts and Local Shopping

For those expats seeking a taste of Nairobi’s craft culture, there are plenty of options available. The city offers a plethora of options for those seeking unique, handmade items.

Witness the Pottery Making Process at Kazuri Beads Factory

At Kazuri Beads Factory, you can witness the magic of beautiful beads being born from clay. But it’s not just about making jewelry – it’s also about empowering women. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to witness the empowering transformation of Kenyan women through Kazuri Beads Factory and the vibrant culture at Masai Market.

Experience Traditional Shopping at Masai Market

The Masai Market is an open-air market that exudes Kenyan culture. Here, you can find everything from traditional crafts to unique souvenirs. And don’t forget to haggle – it’s all part of the experience. The market is on the move – it changes spots daily.

Nairobi’s Modern Shopping Scene

If artisanal crafts aren’t your style, don’t fret. Nairobi also offers plenty of modern shopping experiences.

The Sarit Center is a one-stop-shop for all things retail, including global brands. From fashion boutiques to tech stores, this mall has it all. Check out what the Sarit Center has in store for you today.

In short, whether you’re an artsy soul or a brand-name enthusiast (or both), Nairobi’s shopping scene has something for everyone. Don’t pass up the chance to explore these extraordinary offerings.

Architectural Marvels of Nairobi

If you’re an expat who loves architecture, the Kenya International Conference Centre (KICC) is a must-visit spot in Nairobi.

Not just any building, the KICC is an architectural marvel that encapsulates art, history, and politics under one roof. This towering structure provides breathtaking views of the Great Rift Valley from its rooftop viewing deck – something you definitely don’t want to miss out on.

Kenya International Conference Centre (KICC)
Kenya International Conference Centre (KICC)

Beyond the stunning vistas, this landmark also represents Nairobi’s identity globally. Not only its appearance, but also the symbolism it carries is worth taking note of. To truly appreciate this masterpiece, take a guided tour. You’ll get insider insights into its design and significance while exploring every nook and cranny.

Bring your camera to capture the stunning panoramic cityscape from atop for some Instagram-worthy shots. The panoramic cityscape from atop will make for some Instagram-worthy shots.

Nairobi Architecture – More than Meets the Eye

Nairobi’s architecture isn’t limited to modern structures alone. The city boasts a mix of colonial-era buildings with African influences, creating an eclectic skyline that tells stories spanning centuries.

Dive Deeper into Architectural Exploration

If you’re intrigued by architectural designs or simply love capturing unique buildings through your lens, roam around downtown Nairobi – there are plenty more gems waiting to be discovered.

Explore Nairobi’s architectural wonders. From the stunning KICC with its rooftop views of the Great Rift Valley to colonial-era buildings, there’s a mix of art, history and politics waiting to be discovered. Don’t forget your camera for some Insta-worthy shots. #NairobiAttractions #ArchitectureLove

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Nightlife in Nairobi

As the day fades, Nairobi ignites with a dynamic nightlife that can’t be rivaled by any other African city. If you’re an expat looking for what to do in Nairobi; a taste of local culture and entertainment, this is where you’ll find it:

The Buzzing Pubs

Pubs in Nairobi are buzzing hubs of activity. Here, locals and expats mingle over glasses of Tusker – Kenya’s popular local beer.

Lively Music Scene

The music scene here is as diverse as its people. From Afro-pop to reggae beats, there’s something for everyone. For live performances, check out places like Carnivore Restaurant.

Culinary Delights at Night Markets

You can’t talk about nightlife without mentioning food. The night markets offer everything from street food to gourmet meals. Don’t miss the Maasai Market Nights held every Thursday at Capital Centre Mall.

Remember that while enjoying your nights out in Nairobi, always be aware of your surroundings and stay safe.

Actionable Tips:

  1. Pick a pub close to where you live or work – traffic can get quite heavy after sunset.
  2. If you’re new to Kenyan music genres, try different spots each week until you find one that resonates with your musical tastes.
  3. Eating late? Try Nyama Choma (barbecued meat) – it’s a local favorite.

Immerse Yourself in Nairobi’s Tribal Cultures Through Performances

Experience the heart of Kenya’s culture by diving into Nairobi’s vibrant tribal performances. Dance is a universal language that tells a story through rhythm, moves, and costumes. Discover the unique stories of each tribe in Nairobi and gain an authentic Kenyan experience at Bomas of Kenya.

music and dance this village serves to preserve Kenyan culture.

If you’re an expat looking for an authentic Kenyan experience or a culture buff wanting to learn more about African tribal cultures, Bomas of Kenya is a must-visit attraction.

Immerse Yourself in the Culture at Bomas of Kenya

Bomas of Kenya is not just a place to watch performances; it’s a place to immerse yourself in them. Get up close with dancers from various tribes as they showcase their unique dances and music. Don’t be afraid to join in – enthusiasm counts more than skill.

Experience Traditional Kenyan Life

The Bomas huts offer a glimpse into traditional Kenyan life, with each one representing a different ethnic group within the country. This is not just entertainment; it’s education wrapped up in fun.

Each boma (homestead) in this cultural village

Experience the unique cultural heritage of Kenya in Nairobi and make your stay unforgettable.

Politics, religion or any controversial topic. Sample Tweet: Immerse yourself in Nairobi’s vibrant tribal cultures through performances at Bomas of Kenya. Experience traditional Kenyan life and make your stay unforgettable. #NairobiAttractions #KenyaCulture #BomasOfKenya

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Trails & Scenic Views

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, Nairobi has a lot to offer. Discover some of the greatest spots for trekking and appreciating nature in this bustling city.

Hiking up Ngong Hills

The Ngong Hills provide a perfect escape from the urban hustle. Lace up your boots and hit the trails leading up these verdant hills. You’ll be rewarded with panoramic vistas that are nothing short of breathtaking – truly a sight for sore eyes.

Ngong Hills
Activities include birdwatching, picnicking, hiking, and ziplining

Serenity at Karura Forest

Next on our list is Karura Forest. This dense woodland offers serene walking paths amidst lush foliage – ideal for both solo treks or family outings. Pack a picnic basket, bring along your favorite book, and enjoy some quiet time surrounded by nature’s splendor.

Taking in the View from KICC Rooftop

No discussion about scenic views would be complete without mentioning Kenya International Conference Centre (KICC).

This architectural marvel boasts stunning views of the Great Rift Valley from its rooftop viewing deck. Absorb the artistic, historic and political facets of Nairobi’s cityscape from one location while being mesmerized by its grandeur – an experience unparalleled.

Village & McMillan Library

Let’s take a detour from the typical tourist spots and dive into some unique experiences that only Nairobi can offer. For the discerning traveler looking for a unique experience, Nairobi has plenty to offer.

Mamba Village Visit

If you’re feeling adventurous, Mamba Village is your next stop. For an unforgettable experience, come to Mamba Village and witness the exciting process of crocodile farming. The tour includes feeding sessions, which are quite thrilling to watch. If you’re seeking an exciting experience, this crocodile farm tour is the perfect choice.

Nairobi attractions Mamba Village

McMillan Library Tour

Bibliophiles, this one’s for you. The historic McMillan Memorial Library, with its vast collection of books on Africa’s past and present, is a must-visit. Trust me; it’s like stepping back in time. However, keep in mind that the library visit requires prior booking, so make sure to plan ahead.


  • The Mamba Village tour includes feeding sessions, which are quite thrilling to watch.
  • The library visit requires prior booking, so make sure to plan ahead.

In both places, you’ll experience something truly special that goes beyond the usual sightseeing – giving you a richer understanding of what makes Nairobi tick. So, buckle up expats, let’s dig deeper into this city’s heart.

Around Kibera Slum

Prepare yourself for a real-life encounter with the heart of Nairobi – Kibera, Africa’s largest slum.

Truly understanding Nairobi requires seeing beyond its tourist attractions and delving into its everyday life. That’s where Kibera comes in.

Kibera offers an eye-opening experience on the challenges faced by locals living on a daily basis. Not just a sightseeing opportunity, Kibera provides an in-depth look at the struggles of daily life in Nairobi.

Guided tours are available to ensure safety while providing accurate insights into this vibrant community. Kiberia Tours is a great option for those looking to take a tour.

Taking A Guided Tour

You can’t simply stroll around Kibera unguided. For your safety and respect for local residents, join a guided tour led by knowledgeable locals who grew up in the area like those offered at Kiberia Tours.

Facing The Reality

This isn’t your typical tourist attraction, but rather an opportunity to witness first-hand how people live amidst poverty yet maintain resilience and hopefulness – traits that define Nairobians.

Explore the challenges and resilience of Nairobi’s locals with a guided tour of Kibera – Africa’s largest slum. See beyond tourist attractions and gain insights into everyday life in this vibrant city. #NairobiAttractions #KiberiaTours

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FAQs in Relation to Nairobi Attractions

What is Nairobi known for?

Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya, is famous for its unique blend of urban life and natural beauty, with Nairobi National Park being a must-visit attraction.

Why do tourists flock to Nairobi?

Tourists are drawn to Nairobi for its wildlife experiences at Giraffe Centre and Elephant Orphanage, architectural marvels like Kenya International Conference Centre, and scenic views along various trails.

What makes Nairobi interesting?

Nairobi’s cultural diversity and rich history, showcased in museums like the Kenya National Museum, and vibrant markets like Masai Market, make it an intriguing destination.

What attracts visitors to Kenya?

Kenya’s diverse landscapes, ranging from savannahs teeming with game animals in national parks like Maasai Mara, pristine beaches on Indian Ocean coastlines, and snow-capped peaks of Mount Kilimanjaro, make it a popular destination.


  • Get up close and personal with giraffes and elephants at the Giraffe Centre and Elephant Orphanage.
  • Explore Nairobi’s rich cultural history at the Karen Blixen Museum and National Museum.
  • Shop for unique artisanal crafts at Kazuri Beads Factory and Masai Market.
  • Take in stunning views of the city from the Kenya International Conference Centre.
  • Experience Nairobi’s vibrant nightlife with immersive performances.
  • Connect with nature on scenic trails and take a trip back in time at Village and McMillan Library.
  • Get a sobering look at life in Kibera Slum, an eye-opening experience that shouldn’t be missed.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and explore all that Nairobi has to offer!

For more information on Nairobi’s attractions, check out Lonely Planet.