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Entertainment - June 10, 2022

Meet Rodgers Kipembe: Flashy MP’s Son Who Owns 18 Luxury Cars Worth Almost KSh 50M

Rodgers Kipembe, a young politician from Meru county, is getting attention courtesy of his smooth talk and luxurious lifestyle. Kipembe, whose father, Mpuru Aburi, was the MP for Tigania East, often shares photos of his good life online, including inexpensive vehicles. 

Previously speaking to Jalang’o, the flashy father of two said that he has over 18 vehicles for his personal use besides his business vehicles. “I have loved cars ever since I was a child and have several vehicles,” he admitted. Some of the luxury cars owned by Kipembe include: 

Mercedes Benz cars 

Kipembe claimed that he owns six Mercedes Benz vehicles, leaving Jalang’o shocked. In January 2021, the youthful politician shared an image standing next to a sleek, blue Benz. Kipembe, who spends most Fridays chewing miraa, could easily be owning over KSh 12 million worth of German-made cars. 

Porsche Cayenne 

Kipembe also owns a Porsche Cayenne worth around KSh 9 million. Like numerous other cars in his fleet, the Italian compact SUV bears a custom plate inscribed Kipembe. While responding to questions on his lifestyle, Kipembe noted that he does not depend on his wealthy father. 

Land Rover family 

Kipembe, who admitted to differing with his father politically over his unwavering support for Raila Odinga, owns three SUVs made by Land Rover. He has a Land Rover Discovery worth around KSh 8 million and a custom Defender worth KSh 5 million. The crown of the jewel is a sleek Range Rover worth around KSh 15 million. 

Toyota V8 

The Japanese SUV is a mainstay for the wealthy in Kenya due to its dependability and ruggedness. Kipembe owns a silver Land Cruiser ZX series worth over KSh 12 million. He previously shared photos next to the SUV with DJ Kalonje. 

Mpuru Aburi’s mega mansion 

Well, in other news, a local media highlighted the mega-mansion owned by Kipembe’s father, Mpuru Aburi. The four-level house in Mikindiru boasts exquisite finishing, and a huge, well-landscaped compound. Aburi’s mansion also has a prayer room. 

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