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Entertainment - June 9, 2022

Justina Wambui Wamae Bio; Age, Career, Husband, Education, And other Things About Wajackoya’s Presidential Running Mate

You probably didn’t know all of these things about Wamae, but here they are.

1.Grew up in Kibera

Wambui spent his childhood in Kibera, which was at the time part of the Lang’ata constituency, during the period that ODM leader Rails Odinga served as the Member of Parliament for the constituency.

2.At one time, she attempted to be elected as a member of parliament.

Wambui ran as a candidate for the Jubilee party in the 2017 general elections, however she was unsuccessful in his bid to win the Mavoko parliamentary seat. Patrick Makau, the incumbent candidate from the Wiper party, was able to defeat her.

3. Submitted an application for a position in PS

After failing to achieve success in politics, in 2018 she attempted to pursue a career as a Permanent Secretary in one of the cabinet departments, however she was unsuccessful in achieving this goal as well.

4.The Husband and the Mother

Wamae is a parent to their children together with her husband Alex, who goes by the name Alex.

Daystar University granted her a Bachelor of Commerce degree upon her graduation in 2010, which she now possesses. Wamae continued her schooling at Jomo Kenyatta University and earned a master’s degree in procurement there.

In 2015, she made an attempt to break into the media industry by launching her own television show, which was totally unrelated to the subject matter that she had studied. She attempted to convince Jeff Koinange to invite her to The Bench show so that she could observe him in action, steal his idea, and use it in her own show, but she was unsuccessful.

Wambui is a successful entrepreneur.

She is working in a field that is predominantly filled by men. She became involved in excavation as well as the provision of building materials.

She is now 35 years old and had only turned 10 years old when Raila was making his first run for the presidency in 1997.

Despite the fact that her political party supports the cultivation of cannabis for commercial purposes, she has never tried smoking bhang. After she has been sworn in as vice president, she plans to light up the cigarette for the very first time.

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