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Entertainment - May 3, 2022

7 Kenyan Celebs Who Have Undergone Cosmetic Procedures

Beauty is fleeting for some celebrities and they choose to make drastic changes to keep themselves looking youthful as ever. With the advent of social media, more and more celebrities are enhancing their appearances just to keep up with the trends, fighting the inevitable old age and keeping them in the market for as long as they can. 

The likes of the Kardashians are known the world over for changing their bodies with cosmetic procedures. From liposuction to breast augmentation, buttock augmentation, and skin lightening procedures, here are some of your favorite Kenyan celebrities who have had some work done on their bodies.

Murugi Munyi aka Yummy Mummy

Influencer Joan Murugi Munyi aka Yummy Mummy is the latest celebrity to undergo a cosmetic procedure in January 2022. The mother of three recently announced that she had a procedure called 360 liposuction done to remove stubborn areas of fat on her tummy, back and sides. According to her social media posts accompanied by the after pictures, Murugi says she is still swollen but she feels so much better about her body. She reckons that liposuction is not a quick fix and she has to continue with her healthy lifestyle journey.

Tanasha Donna

Singer Tanasha Donna is also one of the latest celebrities to get a cosmetic procedure done. The s3xual appeal of a female entertainer is always weighed alongside their talent and work ethic. Now in Tanasha’s case she definitely has the s3xual appeal on lock following her butt augmentation procedure which has made her look more voluptuous. She has not come out clean about her butt lift procedure but has been enjoying it if the pictures on social media are anything to go by. However, trouble is that Tanasha was not able to pay for her new body and she was exposed on gossip blogger Edgar Obare’s Instagram page for flouting the terms of payment agreed on for the procedure.

Risper Faith

Mother of one Risper Faith is not new to having her body sculpted by a surgeon just like her fellow socialites. She revealed that she underwent liposuction to restore her hourglass shape after gaining weight during pregnancy. At the cost of Kshs 450,000 a cosmetic sugeon removed 8 litres of fat from Risper’s tummy and lower back. “When my husband and I heard that we could get permanent results here, we were so excited. At the cost of Sh450,000, we hoped for the best results and now see, soon my real curves will be showing. The truth is that I was scared of the procedure, but I gathered my courage so then I could go through it and get the required results,” revealed Risper.

Vera Sidika

Socialite Vera Sidika is one of the most notable celebrities who have changed their appearance over the years. She lightened her skin at a cost of a whooping Kshs 15 million and went on to increase the size of her breasts. The now mother of one recently put to rest rumours that she could not breastfeed because of her breast plastic surgery. She has in the past revealed that her breast augmentation procedure was done in Beverly hills at a cost of Kshs 2 million. “I wasn’t proportional. I used to be thick but not proportional, so I just decided to be proportional and added my boobs. On the upside, I don’t have to wear bras anymore. It cost me Sh2 million at Beverly Hills. They are actually good.” The bootylicious beauty has however, countlessly denied that she has had some work done on her buttt.

Huddah Monroe

Socialite and businesswoman Huddah Monroe’s captivating features as seen on her Instagram are also the work of cosmetic surgeon. Monroe has previously admitted to having her breasts enlarged for Kshs 1 million, although the procedure was botched at some point. “Got complications from a previous cosmetic surgery I had and I am pleased with my doctors who have done incredible job on me. I can’t be more thankful! I could’ve died, but I’m well now. I don’t regret doing my surgery. I did not have any self-esteem issues; I just wanted my dress to look good. It was expensive, I had to pay Sh1 million.”

Fashionable Stepmum

Content creator Fashionable Stepmum whose real name is Catherine Njeri struggled with her weight and she decided to do something about it. Her magical weight loss was as a result of a procedure known as gastric bypass. She revealed on social media that when she was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia, she decided follow up the hernia surgery with a gastric bypass to reduce the size of her stomach.

Catherine said, “The doctor advised me to do a mini gastric bypass. So, they would do this together, he would fix the hernia and also do the gastric bypass. The two were successful and after the surgery I stayed in India for a while and you only eat liquids and jellies.”

Rachel Marete

Former Miss kenya and Miss Universe Kenya Rachel Marete Mbuki has a body to die for and it is not surprising to hear that she paid for it. Rachel has in the past revealed that she achieved her tiny waist by undergoing a liposuction sculpture and also had her breasts enlarged.

Many people are now resulting to cosmetic procedures to make them look and feel better. Although it is a taboo topic, there’s no lying that these procedures are here to stay. If you had the chance which procedure would you go for?

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