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Entertainment - April 14, 2022

Glowing Photos Of Zora’s Actress Neema Sulubu

Women need to take care of themselves, you know what our looks matter a lot. As women, if we fail to take care of ourselves we will age so fast and look older than our age. This is why you will get a young woman looking more older while an older woman looks younger. Neema Sulubu is our charming talented actress whom we love so much. Neema has graced our screens with her super talent and it is true that she is talented and going places. 

Neema serves as a good role model to young girls that let’s embrace our talents they will take us places. Neema dresses so decent, she maintains a humble life away from social media dramas and celebrity attention. Also, she has managed to gain one million followers on her Facebook page and she is going places. Have a look at her latest dazzling photos, isn’t she queening? Keep going girl the sky is the limit.

Neema Sulubu is a Kenyan actress who has been in the Kenyan public particularly for her roles in Kenyan drama series. She currently plays Neema on Zora Citizen TV Drama series. This article looks into her biography highlighting her background, career journey and personal life.

Age and Place of Birth

The young actress from Kenya’s coastal region is the subject of this article as we look into her biography. She is currently in her late twenties.

Education Background

Neema is a graduate from Mombasa Aviation Training Institute wehre she pursued a diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication.

Neema Sulubu is a Kenyan actress who has been in the Kenyan public. She acted as Neema on the Zora Citizen TV drama series. In the show, she played the role of a naive and talkative girl who has just gotten to Nairobi in search of a job. In the season’s debut, Sulubu was depicted as a naive lady from the village who has no clue about the mystery of the city. She ended up being conned and her belongings stolen. Sulubu became famous when she got a role in Aziza, a drama series produced by Rashid Abdalla and Lulu Hassan where she acted Binti. This girl is also a presenter and creative at Baraka Fm, a radio station. She scooped the best actress label in 2018 and made herself a name in different TV programs. See the photos below.

Neema Sulubu Career Journey

Neema’s career as an actress kicked off in 2012 at S.A.F.E Pwani, a program that brings together creatives – actors and actresses – and supporting personnel to combat the most pressing challenges at the coast. These are listed as extremism, HIV/AIDS prevalence, s3xual and reproductive health, water and sanitation and peace building. She then got a role in Aziza, a Citizen Television drama series produced by Rashid Abdalla and Lulu Hassan.

The series is about a young lady who wishes to be a musical artist but her parents do not want to hear any of it. The series brings different characters together in telling the captivating story of secrecy and passion. Neema Sulubu plays the role, Binti, in Aziza alongside other popular Kenyan actors and actresses such as Sanaipei Tande and Benjamin Kamora. She is currently a cast member of the newly launched Zora drama series that airs on Citizen TV on weekdays between 7:30 and 8:00 pm. 

In the show she plays the role of Neema, a naïve and talkative girl who has just gotten to Nairobi city in search of a job. Together with other cast members, Sulubu brings an intriguing story to follow through on the show. Beyond doing films as an actress, Neema is a presenter and creative at Baraka FM 95.5, a radio station she has been working for since July 2013.

Neema Sulubu Personal Life

Neema Sulubu is a young person committed to making a difference in society as evidenced by her commitment to S.A.F.E Pwani for nine years and counting thus far. She unfortunately lost her father in 2020, something she shared on her social media pages reminding people to be appreciative of family. Not much is known concerning her dating life.

From a different source, She plays the role of Neema which happens to also be her real name.This is not the first series Neema sulubu has participated in since she plays the role of Binti in Aziza drama series which was also created by Lulu and Rashid. Neema was also the best actress in 2018. Neema is in her late twenties. She was born and raised in the coastal region of Kenya. She is an alumni of Mombasa Aviation Training institute where she pursued a diploma in Journalism and mass communication and graduated successfully. That is when she decided to immerse herself in acting plus radio.

Neema as a character in Zora drama series is a naive but talkative girl. She is in the new environment of Nairobi in search of a job. In real life, that is besides acting, she is a radio presenter at Baraka FM and also a creative. She has been in the station since July 2013.

Basing on the several roles she has taken up and her being a radio presenter and now in the TV series, Zora, we can say her net worth is over 1 million. We do not have information on her spouse yet, but we will definitely update you as soon as we get everything.

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