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Entertainment - Latest - February 3, 2022

Shocking! Akothee Makes Public Her HIV Status

Singer Akothee was forced to make public her HIV status after fake stories surfaced online, alleging she is positive. Akothee shared documents capturing her HIV-negative status, shutting down speculations about her health.

“Yes, I’m proving a point, so don’t tell me not to prove. For those interested in my HIV status, what you do with this information is up to you,” she said.

“Hiyo HIV ikija kunipata siku moja, juwa nimeletewa nyumbani, ama vile ilivyo pangwa na Mungu, sijui lakini. Kwa sasa, habari ndio hiyo saa hii, tulia. I have a full medical checkup every year.”

The mother of five said she now understands why people hide their HIV status.

“Most public figures prefer to play safe and protect themselves other than giving out their lives to ungrateful people. People will start running away from you and always use you as an example.”

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