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Latest - October 22, 2021

Sad Twist As Tirop’s Husband Reveals Why He Decided To Kill The Renowned Champion

The husband of the late Agnes Tirop has allegedly confessed to the crime a few days after he was linked to the murder of the deceased who was found dead in her house under unclear circumstances. Reports given by the detectives from the director of criminal investigations have revealed that the suspect allegedly confessed to the killing, the deceased in three different occasions beginning with a call that he made to the parents of the deceased apologizing for what he had done to their daughter before trying to flee from the police.

A few minutes before the body of the deceased was found, Abraham Kiprotich called her parents to apologize for his actions. He would later switch his phone off to avoid being tracked by police officers who were searching for him. The suspect was later arrested in the evening by DCI detectives who are based in Mombasa. According to the reports given by Mombasa DCIs, they claimed that the suspect had allegedly rammed on several vehicles in attempts to escape police roadblocks before he was finally apprehended and taken to custody. In the latest news on the incident, the suspect has revealed that he allegedly killed the deceased claiming that their relationship had A lot of issues. At the same time, DCIs have revealed that they have found a number of evidence in the woman’s house proving that she was Murdered by the suspect.

In terms of their relationship, the family of the deceased claimed that the late Agnes was planning to leave the suspect after finding out that he had a lot of Mistresses despite the fact that she was providing most of the things for him. According to the reports given by her parents, they claimed that he killed her to Inherit her wealth. The Late Tirop was found in her house with a knife lodged in her abdomen. A search was later launched after which the Husband along with two other suspects were arrested for the same.

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