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Latest - October 15, 2021

How Self-Confessed Serial Killer Masten Wanjala Used Phone to Escape Jail

Detectives pursuing new leads in the case of self-confessed serial killer Masten Wanjala, who was lynched by a mob in his rural home of Bungoma in the morning of Friday, October 15, revealed that he was in possession of a mobile phone while in custody.

Wanjala, who was reported to have escaped from Jogoo Police Station on Tuesday, October 12, was reported to have had access to a phone while locked up inside the cell, contrary to the regulations governing the use of gadgets in custody. 

Investigators launched a manhunt for an accomplice they believed was in contact with the fugitive. The unidentified individual was further accused of assisting Wanjala to evade a multi-agency unit sent to track and flush him out from his whereabouts. 

However, they raised critical questions on Wanjala’s cryptic message posted on his Facebook page while he was in custody. 

On Wednesday, September 1, Wanjala posted: “Hello guys I must Dai (die)”. Detectives wondered how a serial killer who was apprehended in July 2021 and was to be arraigned in court to face charges had access to a phone and social media sites. 

Three police officers from Jogoo Police Station were apprehended by their colleagues over Wanjala’s escape. The trio was accused of aiding and abating a fugitive.

The officers will be arraigned in court on Friday morning, October 15. Milimani Senior Resident Magistrate, Jane Kamau, is expected to rule on whether to release them on bail or order police to detain him for 14 more days as detectives conduct their investigations. 

Families of Wanjala’s victims requested the police to protect them and other witnesses as they feared for their lives since the serial killer was on the loose. 

Robert Wanjala Watira, Wanjala’s father, however, demanded the police be accountable and release a detailed report of how his son escaped from jail.

“I’m surprised to learn of my son’s escape from jail. How did he escape? The police need to explain how he managed to do so. I have not seen him and I am not interested in seeing him,” he stated.

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