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5 Important Lessons Learnt From Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp Shutdown

Instagram, Facebook, And WhatsApp were shut down by the responsible and operating company. Many of its users were not aware of this, and the majority thought their phones had some problems. Here are the strong lessons you can learn from the shutdown

1. Patience

I know most of you made a very rush decisions. You jumped to conclusion that your phone had some problems with WhatsApp. You restarted your phone several times before realizing it was the fault of the operating company. Others uninstalled and installing it over and over.

When something goes wrong in life, you don’t have to jump to conclusions. Take your time and figure out the real cause of the problem.

2. You are fine without social media

We are in an era where we think we can’t do without technology. You have now realized that even without opening WhatsApp and Facebook, your life is well much okay. Reconnect yourself to the true nature of reality. I am sure you even decided to read a novel last night. Which is good.

3. Having time with your family members is more health than social media

We are on social media all the time, forgetting about our families’ socialization. In fact, technology is eroding much of our human interaction with friends, family members, and the neighborhood. It is time to realize where to invest our priorities in life.

4. Never fully depend on what you are not in control

Only invest full trust in what is in your control. Anything outside of you might fall and you will be terrified. Limit yourself on using Social media because when you are addicted, you will suffer socially when the system fails.

You must have realized that all these ideas on the planet is depending on some people. Once they withdraw their ideas, we feel the pain.

5. Sleep is more important for your well-being

Many people around the world can stay online until late midnight, chatting and posting on Facebook or WhatsApp status. Yesterday was a different scenario. People had enough sleep. I can admit openly that I wake up full of energy this morning.

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