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Entertainment - Exclusives - September 23, 2021

Meet Ferdinand Omanyala’s Wife, Laventa Omanyala; Bio, Age, Career, Age, Education (Photos)

Over the past week, Kenyan sprint sensation Ferdinand Omanyala has been a subject of discussion in the country and across the world, after he set a new 100m record in Africa during the recently concluded Kipkeino Classic world tour in Nairobi.

While most spotlight has been on him, Omanyala says there is more to his life than what fans see on TV when he takes to the track.Like most successful men, he has a wife who pushes and inspires him to achieve greater heights. His wife is called Laventa Omanyala.Appearing on JKLive show alongside her husband, Laventa revealed interesting details about herself including that she is also an athlete and has been in the sport longer than her husband.

She divulged that she is a sprinter and has featured in several races with her best time being 12 seconds in the 100m dash. She also features in the long jump.

“I was already in the athletics before he came in. I have been in athletics since 2015… I am also a long jumper,” she said.

Additionally, she has worked in the medical profession and has served in renowned facilities like the Mama Lucy Hospital.

During the interview, she opened up on supporting Omanyala while he was starting off, noting that: “I knew he was going far, I saw an inspiration in him… We have our kid together.”

Explaining how she managed to pay the bills and take care of the family, Laventa said:” I got help from people. At mama Lucy I found another family, they were very helpful, we became more than friends and family, they really supported and stood with us, they gave me locums and that is how we survived.”

She is also the lead at their company ‘Track Ferdy’ that produces merchandise for the sprint sensation. Working with local talent, she hopes to grow the company into one of international repute.

Together, the Omanyala’s have been blessed with one child who is currently two years old.

According to Omanyala, back when he was starting his sprinting career, Laventa was one of the few people that believed and supported him all through. He now says he is ready and willing to “Give her anything she wants”.

Laventa has expressed her desire to dedicate more time on her athletics career next year now that Omanyala has shed the spotlight on Kenyan sprinters.

“Whatever she wants I can get. She is a sprinter so next season I want to give her everything so that she can get to her full potential too… I want to be there for her, give her all the advice. I want her to follow my steps,” she said.

Behind every successful man, there is a woman. This is the case with the fastest man in Africa in the 100m race whose record of 9.77s shattered South Africa’s Akani Simbine mark of 9.85s. The humble Kenyan sprinter credits his fine form to the sacrifices his girlfriend had to make to see that his training was seamless. While he was not working, his girlfriend who goes by the name Amluv Lavesh, real name Lavender, took care of all the bills including rent and gave him an allowance for his training. 


According to her profile on modelmanagement.com, the well trimmed Lavesh is 25 years old. Her height is 167cm / 5´6”. 

Early childhood

The female athlete was born with Rheumatic Heart Disease and had to spend much of her childhood in and out of hospital. Lavesh revealed on her social media account that she recently went for a cardio review and all was normal. She thanked her mother for the care terming her as an “awesome, loving, intellectual mother….”

Relationship with Omanyala and child

The two have been in a relationship for the past 5 years. They celebrated their fifth anniversary on 23rd March of this year. They met in 2016 in a sporting event in Nakuru where both were participating for their respective companies. Omanyala asked for her number and she instead asked for his. She never called or texted. They met again in December and this time round she texted the sprinter. 

Their son is named Quinton Finn. 


According to her about section on Facebook, Lavesh was a student at Kaimosi girls high school. Details on the College she attended are not available. 


The 25 year old is a fitness buff if her photos on social media are anything to go by. She is a passionate sprinter and trains hard to become a contender in long jump. On her Facebook page, she has shared videos of her competing in 100 m races and in high jump. It is not clear where she works. 

What is however clear, is how much she has been supporting her husband’s dreams. Speaking during an event organised by Odibets to gift him a brand new car, the sprinter thanked his girlfriend for supporting him to realise his dreams vowing to take care of her.

“She was paying the rent, taking care of the bills because she was working. She would bring the money to the table and say, this is for training, rent and food,” he said amid applause from the attendees.

“I now want to take care of her, she will get anything she wants”, the athlete added.

Lavender is a medic working at the Mama Lucy Hospital.

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