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Entertainment - August 26, 2021

WINNIE NYAMBURA – Identity and Photos Of The Lady Caught Exposing Her ‘Honey Pot’ In A Viral Video

If not heard you have seen a video of a pantless lady going round the internet exposing her acre of thighs and ‘honey pot’ at a local club 40Forty Lounge in Westlands. This has indeed taken the internet by storm. The said voluptuous lady was rocking a figure-hugging dress with indeed a long slit as seen in the video, giving revelers the best view of her juicy goodies. Well, the identity of the said lady who has turned into now a social media celebrity for the wrong reasons as it always happens in Kenya, has now been established, she goes by the name of Winnie Nyambura and she claims to be a model on Instagram. 

Nyambura has mocked those condemning her for turning up in a nightclub with no pants. “Heard people were talking? What are they saying again?” Winnie posted on her Instagram page after the video went viral. Although Nyambura claims to be a model on Instagram, we understand that she provides escort services to men.

The well-endowed slay queen has left thirsty hyenas at the Laviva nightclub panting after she turned up and displayed her humungous curv£s in a skimpy outfit. The famous club Laviva indeed attracts all types of young men and women who want to test and feel the new life in the city. Young women flood the club in revealing and strange attires that keep men around them glued and drooling. We are told city men who visit the said club leave twice broke because of the irresistible temptations they meet while at the club. The internet has erupted after a scantily dressed Winnie Nyambura was captured on camera £xposing her goodies to revelers at the said club.  

Well as per the viral video, Winnie stepped out rocking a revealing dress that 3xposed her goodies to anyone who cared to see. The mind-blowing video has indeed sparked a lot of reactions online with most people condemning her outfit while horney niggas praising her. Winnie is a common reveler when it comes to uptown entertainment joints where she goes ‘hunting’ for rich men. When Winnie was captured on camera exposing her flesh at the famous 40Forty Lounge in Westlands, she was probably advertising herself to potential clients. See her more photos below.

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