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Latest - August 24, 2021

Woman Arrested on Claims She Threw Her Two Sons in a Well

A woman in Bomet County has shocked neighbours after she reportedly threw her two sons into a well.

The incident, which residents of Chepkogen village in Chemaner are still trying to wrap their minds around, happened on the morning of Monday, August 23, at around 10.

The woman is reported to have forced the two boys into the well, believed to be about 40 meters long, leaving them to drown.

The 22-year old woman intended to drown her two sons for reasons not known to anyone.

The incident left one of the boys, a 4-year-old, dead.

The survivor was quickly rushed to Longisa County Referral Hospital for treatment, where he is still recovering.

The boys, who had been left helpless in the 40-meter well, attracted the attention of the neighbours by screaming.

Neighbours rushed to rescue them, only to find one already dead. The 22-year-old mother was immediately arrested for the heinous act 

She is currently in custody being processed for arraignment at a later date. The Woman’s mental state is unknown.

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