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Entertainment - July 26, 2021

LOVE WINS! Citizen TV’s Maria Actress Yasmeen Saiedi Introduces Her Lover

Hot Kenyan actress Yasmeen Saiedi known to many as Maria is one of the most beautiful women Kenya has ever produced. The Maria actress has been on the radar of many Kenyan men who have been on her trail in a bid to win her heart. And for the longest time, many men, Kenyan or not have been trying all they can to lure the lass into their arms. However, the actress recently broke the hearts of many people after sharing several photos of herself with a random man, looking all loved up. Maria did not mention the relationship between her and the man but her post left many people believing he is her man, rather the love of their life. “Jumaa Mabsut ❤️ Scarf from @sakyna1 @dvjmeekofficial ” she captioned.

Quite a number of people tried to ignore the fact that the actress was trying to pass a message and kept on her case, all in a bid to lure her into their arms. However, there are some people who read the message and did all they could to respect the fact that she had ”introduced her man” to the world. Her followers were all excited and could not help but camp on the comments section of her post to laud her for the latest development in her life. Maria’s latest achievement came barely months after categorically stated that she does not think having a boyfriend in her life was a priority. Yasmin, better known as Maria, added that she is also still a teenager so there is no rush for all the lovey-dovey and romances.

“Also I am a Muslim and in my religion, dating is haram. The right thing to do is to wait until you are married to your husband. Having a boyfriend leads to so many things, it is all fun and games but you cannot predict the outcome,” the youngster added. Previously, we reported the young actress said she was to join the university at the start of 2020 to study a course in the film but due to COVID-19, her plans stalled. According to Maria, she lost many friends since she became a star because they all expected her to have money at her disposal to give to them when they reach out. The 20-year-old actress said she does not have control of her bank account as her mom manages it and she has to seek her permission in case she wants to do any withdrawals.

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