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Entertainment - July 22, 2021

‘Hakunaga Masomo KU’ – Ndovu Ni Kuu Back On YouTube After Legal Intervention

Earlier in the week, the song Ndovu ni Kuu by Krispah Thande featuring Kaligraph Jones was pulled down from Youtube after an upcoming artiste Dexta Bryankas filed a claim on copyright and infringement. Braynkas claimed that the song had samples of a song he had worked on sometime back. In a social media post, Bryankas said; “I didn’t mean to be rude my people. Khaligraph and Kispah sampled my beat of the song V8 and wakaunda hakuna masomo KU wamekataa. “Nimeitoa YouTube because it is infringing my rights and also it has promoted violence in Kenyatta University. Hata mzazi halipi fee juu wanasema hakuna masomo KU. Lets meet in court if you have an issue,” the musician claimed.

The song was pulled down from Youtube at 3.7 million views. Ndovu Kuu sought legal counsel writing a demand letter to Bryankas to withdraw the claims to enable  Ndovu Kuu to be reuploaded. According to a statement sent to our newsroom by Lawyer Lenzo, On Tuesday, July 20, Dexta is said to have called their client via his management team, stating that he shall withdraw his claims immediately and restore his client’s song on YouTube. The statement reads that no monetary or other arrangements were made with him as he has no entitlements to any part of the song.  “We hope he shall cease from making false statements and claims in the public domain. Our client has extended an olive branch to Dexta and will not sue him both for criminal and civil wrongs for as long as he refrains from making false statements and he sets the record straight,” the statement read in part.

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