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Entertainment - June 11, 2021

‘Choke on that’ Anerlisa Claps Back At Fan Who Called Her Out For Acting As A Teenager

Anerlisa is perfecting the art of telling off her haters. Unlike the old polite Anerlisa who would prefer remaining quiet when abused on social media; the new Aner is all about zero chills and clap backs! Earlier this morning the Keroche Heiress shared a playful video; where she is seen twirling and showing off her tiny waist in an all-black outfit. From the way she moves around in the video, one would easily confuse her with a teenager but hey….we love seeing her happy! However, there is one particular fan who decided to kill Aner’s vibe with a bashing comment where he wrote;

Why do you act like a teenager don’t you know you’re past that age Big Auntie And just like that, this comment brought out Anerlisa’s mean side, and boy can she be a savage. In response Aner wrote; According to Anerlisa the account that commented had zero followers and no posts which only means this was a pseudo account. In response, the Keroche heiress said; No need to reply. 0 followers 0 following. These are people who can’t stand seeing somebody happy. Choke on that. Sorry, but we are a positive vibe here. The way she responds politely but at the same time rudely leaves us wondering whether she knows the person behind the pseudo account. Bitter ex maybe?

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