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Lifestyle - Relationships - June 9, 2021

Why Couples Eventually Start To Look Alike After Many Years Together

Well, you’ve probably noticed a similar connection between how many years a given couple has been together and how much they look like each other now. Any given couple has many things in common, and some even go far as having similar facial features. But there are couples out there who look as if they are brother and sister. 

We’ve also noticed such a tendency, and we decided to find out what our learned friends, scientists think about this interesting and puzzling phenomenon. Who knows? Maybe there is someone out there made for everyone. 

Resembling our parents

They say that a man from the word go tends to marry his mother. It is more likely that his wife will share some if not close similarities with his mother, both in habit, behavior, and appearance. Scientists confirm this, that we choose partners who not only look like us but also like our opposite-s3x parents. The most significant factors here being hair and eye color and the age of our given parents. If your parents weren’t young when they had you, then mostly you’ll look for a partner who’s older than you.

Number of years spent together

A Social Psychologist, Robert Zanjonc, an American, compared photographs of couples on their wedding day then later with those taken 25 years later after the wedding. His study clearly showed that even if a husband and his wife had no facial similarities at all, some of them in 25 years later they looked surprisingly alike if not exact. Another cool fact from Robert’s survey: the more marital happiness is a couple reported, the greater their increase in how their facial resemblances.

Sharing experiences

Okay onto another reason for eventually starting to look alike is sharing experiences with your partner or lover. Throughout their life together, a given couple experiences a great deal of happiness and sad moments together. Everything they go through together as a couple affects how their body communicates and also their emotional state. Their history is “written” on their faces: even a couple’s wrinkles form in the same places at times.

We’re attracted to people who look like us.

According to other studies, people are attracted to those who have facial similarities with them. It’s called assortative mating, this is a theory suggesting that people with similar phenotypes mate with one another more frequently. If the two look alike, chances that their child will look a lot like both of them. Scientists also believe this is how people try to maximally pass on their genes to the next generation.

Similar immune systems

Well if you didn’t know, our immune system reflects our lifestyle, this includes our eating habits and physical exercise. A group of scientists come to a conclusion that couples who had been married for many years have very similar immune systems. Maybe that’s why the two often share their habits and lifestyle generally.


Couples who are in tune with one another often mirror each other’s habits and also body language. It shows that there’s emotional comfort and trust in their given relationship. Scientists state that partners tend to change their own habits throughout their given married life to fit each other. Like for example, if one of the couple was trying to quit smoking and starts eating healthy, the other one often will do the same.  In addition,  despite all the differences and similarities, the best thing to do is keep falling in love with your one special someone over and over again. Imagine  My grandparents’ 60th wedding anniversary. 

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Pam Black This is fascinating! I’m a pharmacist and I notice all the time older couples on virtually the same medications as each other!!

Mollie Holtman I almost married a guy who looked like he could’ve been a brother. We had very similar ancestry, German-Irish.

Israel Adandom and how does this explain the “what happenes” in why they phenotypically alikeYou merely showed observational evidence that they do look alike.

Sundeep Dar Because they copy each others expressions.

Nelofar Sarwary Sayed should I grow my goatee back for you 

पृथ्वी राज चक्रबर्ती Yes,this often causes medication errors, thats why LASA medications should never be kept together and the pharmacy needs to define a documented policy for storage and demarcation of LASA Medication.

Judy Arline Puckett I think it’s just people get used to seeing them together

अनिरवान I think it’s got little to do with the couple and more about the judgement of the onlooker.

Paul Gardiner something i hate  just be yourself

Sadrach Baker Always wondered why this happens.

Kandy Crosby-Hastings For some reason, women seem to lose their identity when they get in a serious relationship. I have never understood that. I think it is good for people to keep their own identities.

Lilybeth Rendon Bruce Rendon what I’ve been telling you

James Denis Baril Very nice1

Colin Bizardi Dogs look like their owners lol

Sarah Jensen How true!

Airin Sorataworn I think the same..

Jamie Keegan Sarah Tan must be why 

Azita Aazadi Same thing happens with dogs & their owners! Not a joke! Pay attention & you’ll see

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