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Entertainment - May 28, 2021

Wakale Hawawezi Kazi! Kalenjin Men Trolled After June Ruto’s Wedding

The Kalenjin men are being trolled online after Kenya’s Deputy President William Ruto’s daughter, June Ruto, said Yes to her Nigerian man, Alexander Ezanagu. Happening on a private occasion and in a colorful wedding. As always Kenyans are wondering if no man from the Kalenjin community would have seduced DP Ruto’s well-educated daughter before Nigeria’s Ezanagu swept her heart. But just to remind your memory, the gospel songstress Emmy Kosgey, who is currently married to an aging Nigerian man-preacher, gave a real picture of the Kalenjin men when it comes to dating during her past interviews. The singer said most Kalenjin men are introverts and not bold enough to come out and sweep their girls off their feet. 

Emmy opened out that when she was single, no man from her community ever approached her, or made any effort. She said that there is no Kalenjin man who came to me and asked me to marry him.  “This is why sometimes one sees something is good but fails to speak up. An example is a pan, you feel like having it but you do not put it in action and when the pan is taken away by another person, you start questioning why,” she said.  She further disclosed most men from her community beat around the bush instead of approaching women straight.  Nigerian men are known to be romantic and few women rarely resist their sweet tongue.

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