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Entertainment - May 26, 2021

Meet The Slay Queen Who Was Filmed Dirty-Dancing With Embarambamba In A Night Club

The controversial gospel singer from Kisii Embarambamba has been making headlines after he was filmed dirty dancing with a middle-aged lady over the weekend in one of the city clubs along Thika Road. The full-of-energy singer was recorded jumping onto the young lady like a goat while performing one of his songs, this has put him in trouble with many Kenyans after the video went viral. Social media detectives have worked extra hard and finally unveiled the identity of the lady who was caught on camera during the dirty dancing moment with the now-famous Kisii singer. 

The Singer on the other side, even as Kenyans condemn him over a viral video where he was seen dancing on top of a slay queen at Klub Laviva, it’s now evident that most of the ladies who party at the Thika Road-based club are ratchets. The club is popular with campus slay queens and broke ladies from Kahawa and Githurai. Embarambamba just saw an opportunity while performing and exploited it. This is what the ratchet slay queens do best at Klub Laviva.

As always, Embarambamba has defended himself after he was crucified on social media, following a viral clip that showed him dancing on top of a lady in a nightclub. The viral clip cast doubt on his status as a born-again Christian and a gospel artist. But in his defense, the controversial singer has urged Kenyans not to judge him harshly. “Wakenya wamenihukumu, Wakenya wamenitusi, mafans wangu wamekasirika wanasema mimi ni shetani sijaokoka (Kenyans have judged me, they have abused me, my fans are annoyed and they now say I am not born again),” he said. According to him, the context of the dance moves mirrors the content of the song. 

The energetic singer said the song he was performing was condemning the immorality that people have been doing and forgetting their God. The singer further said there’s no problem performing in a club since Jesus also dined with sinners. “Jesus came into this world for the sake of sinners…when Jesus was in this world, He sat with the sinners.  “The reason was that the sinners would be born again and know God,” he said. “You cannot say that Embarambamba should not attend political events or clubs because they are earthly things. God brought us into this world,’’ he added.

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