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Entertainment - May 18, 2021

‘I Wanted It Low-Key’ Nviiri the Storyteller Confirms Relationship with Elodie Zone

Sol Generation signed artiste Nviiri Sande, alias Nviiri the Storyteller has yet again confirmed that he is dating digital content creator Elodie Zone. In October 2020, the singer was spotted with Elodie in several occasions and before they confirmed their relationship, the cat was already out of the bag. Speaking in an interview on TUKO, Nviiri said they had been friends for over eight years and wanted his relationship to be private.

“We have been friends for eight years. We kept our relationship a secret for months without telling people we were dating “We needed to understand ourselves, are we strong enough for the public because they can be ruthless,” he said. Nviiri said that their plan was to keep their relationship low-key until they were ready to announce it, adding that by the time people knew about their affair they were already confident. “Our decision was to keep it low until we were ready to announce it. It affects our brands in a way…will I still continue being Nviiri the ladies’ man, bwana pombe sigara, single man?

“Dynamics change. And for her, will she continue being the same role model? By the time people came to find about it, we were already confident about our relationship,” he explained. Elodie made headlines about three years ago after breaking up with ex-President Mwai Kibaki’s grandson Sean Andrew terming their relationship toxic. “There is a number of reasons, to just wrap all the reasons up in a sentence, it was a very toxic relationship. Whether you knew that person and me during the relationship or whether you saw what happened on social media after the relationship ended then you’d see for yourself it was a very toxic relationship

“A lot of the posts are still up through screenshots and whatnot. There was a lot of hate and backlash primarily coming from his side. I’ve done my best to leave it in the past so what I can do is continue to grow, learn and keep going,” she disclosed. On his side, Andrew accused Elodie of partying too much and using drugs. “Yesterday, my greatest fear was to lose you. Today I face this fear and say that I’ll just be fine without your hurt and toxicity. Go enjoy all your drugs and friends. I’ll just be fine,” wrote Sean.

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