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Lifestyle - Relationships - May 11, 2021

Forget Money! Checkout Reasons Why More Nairobi Women Are Dating Older Men

Nairobi’s dating scene has seen interesting changes in the recent past. The younger man seems to be fast losing appeal. The women now prefer dating older men. Here are some of the reasons for the older man’s popularity:

1. Intelligence – The older guy has been around quite a bit and he has done a lot, this means that he is rich in terms of experience. He is mature. Unlike the younger man, he can carry on intelligent, stimulating conversations. For a woman who is on the other side of 27, this is very alluring.

2. S3xual experience – The older man obviously has a ton of s3xual experience under his belt. He knows exactly what he is doing in the bedroom. He is past the age of personal gratification and trying to impress in the sack. He actually listens to his woman.

3. There is no competition – Unlike the younger man who likes to keep his options open, the older man is done playing the field. He knows exactly what he wants in a woman and when he finds her, he is loyal. He doesn’t have the time nor the energy to go running after other women. This man also prefers to stay indoors rather than go out, meaning that the possibilities of him getting tempted out there are much less.

4. It makes her feel young – When a woman is with a man her age, she is always worrying about the other younger women around. When she is with a much older man though, she feels young and energetic. Which woman doesn’t want to feel young?

5. He is done playing games – With a younger man, especially during the early stages of dating, it is a game of sorts. A woman is always wondering when he will call or text back and wondering what he will think if she takes the initiative. The older man is emotionally mature. He doesn’t play games. He will also not try to change a woman. He notices all those quirks about her but he takes her just as she is.

6. He’s not struggling – The older man already has an established career or business, he owns a home and he is settled. In addition to the fact that a woman feels financially secure with him, he also actually has time for her. When he is with her, he is actually present, not worrying about a business deal.

7. Its taboo – There will always be those women in every society who are hell bent on going against the norm. Some Nairobi women dating the older man fall in that category. The fact that dating him will be frowned upon is just a turn on for her.

8. The gentleman aspect – Women who want men who will pull seats for them, open doors and drape jackets over their shoulders when it gets cold prefer the older men. With this older generation, chivalry is still alive.

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