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Entertainment - May 8, 2021

PHOTOCOPY! Karen Nyamu Shares New Information About Months Old Son With Samidoh

Politician cum lawyer socialite Karen Nyamu has toned down her noise since baby daddy chose to stick with his wife and not her – but si ni life? So far she has stopped causing trouble for the Mugithi singer, but at least she has learned to accept her position in her life. With her focusing on the right things – Ms. Nyamu is now giving fans a chance to know her better, and the best part is that we get to learn the person she is when not angry and causing trouble for the people responsible for her kids.

Away from that, Ms. Nyamu recently opened up about her young months-old baby; who she considers as a blessing and the best part of her life. The city lawyer revealed this in a new post where she gashed over her handsome son saying; Sometimes when I look at my children I don’t believe I have my son. It’s still surreal and too good to be true! Who can relate? The beauty of life is how unpredictable it is. There are pleasant surprises in all our journeys. Although Karen Nyamu already had a daughter from her previous relationship with one handsome DJ; it appears that Sammy Junior is the jewel decorating her heart. In the same post Ms. Nyamu went on to add;

My son is a love letter from God to me, a testament of God’s love and purpose in my life. Kweli His ways are not our ways. (Isiah 55:8-9) I am so grateful to be a mummy of 2. And lastly, just to prove that her son was not an accident or a mistake; the mother of two wrote: I was always thinking to myself, Karen you’re too much woman to have just one child haha! Mungu ni nani, akacheza kama yeye!

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