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Entertainment - May 5, 2021

No Man In Kenya Is My Type, Says Runda’s Rich Kid Joan Kubai

​Kubai trended for days and received heavy backlash after the video went viral. Joan, the daughter of city tycoons Peter and Isabella Kubai, left tongues wagging after posting a video showing off their Runda home with around six bedrooms. Four of them are fitted with vast walk-in closets, separate room for the shoe racks and huge bathrooms. 

The massive mansion has four sitting rooms and around three kitchens. The 20-year-old, in an interview with Tatonix Gang on YouTube, als said Kenyan men are not her type. “I’m not taken and not planning to be taken anytime soon. Anyone who is saying we are dating they are lying. I am not interested for now. I’m not searching,” Joan said. When asked why, yet there are so many men around, she said: “They (Kenyan men) are not just my type.” Joan was rumoured to be dating her fellow rich kid, but it seems they were just friends and nothing much.

In a related article published, Joan left netizens stunned by her rich and luxurious life after she gave her Snapchat fans a tour of her parent’s mansion. Kenyans hilariously reacted to her video, with many saying that she was living on a different planet. Netizens shared on Twitter hilarious reactions to Joan’s tour, saying how weird it would be for them to have so many rooms in one house. One fan hilariously suggested the family could use one room specifically for sneezing purposes considering they had more than enough rooms. 

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