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Entertainment - April 29, 2021

Meet Twin Sisters Who Married One Man And Lived Together For Nine Years

Polygamy in Africa was previously the decree of the day. A man could wed as many spouses as he can. It was not just authorized but it certainly boosted one’s status in the community. In the states of Roodepoort in Joburg Zimbabwe, a 54-year-old father by the name Mzukiseni got wedded to two indistinguishable sisters. The twins are Omwami and Olwethu both 28-years-old. The two convened their spouse in 2011, in a local town in Harare Zimbabwe as they were walking in the paths of the reserve.

They asserted that their companion became their guide and ultimately fell in affection with both. They tied the knot in 2012 and began to live concurrently. The two explained that they got expectant at a similar time. This is by a Zimbabwean Local Daily. Omwami and Olwethu were united for 9 years nonetheless they rendered a determination to get a divorce. This is (according to Omwami) after understanding they had stayed in the union not because of devotion for the spouse but because of their children both 7-year-old girls from each of them. The divorce was a combined judgment since they both needed to get out of the relationship for exact justifications that are yet to be recognized. Take a peek at their recent and past pictures below;

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