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Entertainment - April 29, 2021

‘Hii Page Ni Ya Tabia Mbaya!’ Sherlyn Anyango Warns Those Reporting Her Instagram Live!

Video vixen Sherlyne Anyango has been entertaining Kenyans with her curvy physique. She has made millions through her twerking skills. After ditching her office job at Royal Media Services, she decided to use what her momma gave her!  Twerking live on Instagram has been her hustle. Both men and women send her cash via M-pesa to appreciate her ‘shaking skills’. 

At one time, she divulged her M-pesa balance, where she had made Ksh 48,000 in less than 30 minutes. However, it seems like this is the end of the road for her hustle. Her Instagram page has been reported for explicit content and she’s not pleased about it. She urged people who are not interested in her content to unfollow her and let her do what she does best.; otherwise, this is her hustle.

She said on her Instagram; ”Kenyans, I think it’s high time that I disowned you. Because first of all, right now I really want to go live but I can’t go live because you people have reported my live. So it has temporarily been blocked. And that’s where I earn money. Hamtaki nikule dooh… But for my followers wale genuine wenye huwa hawanireport…  But Acheni kuni report. Kama unaona vitu zangu hazi conform na your standards, I’m really sorry. You have to unfollow me… Hii page ni ya tabia mbaya.”

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