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Latest - April 26, 2021

Elders Declares What Will Happen To A Luhya Man Who Impregnated His Mother-In-Law In Bungoma

A middle-aged Luhya man has shocked the country after impregnating his 43-year-old mother-in-law. Ken Waliba, 32, is said to have impregnated his mother-in-law without his wife realising. According to Waliba’s wife, Nekesa, her mother has been having a secret affair with her husband since she invited her to come help take care of their 5-month-old baby. Nekesa, who said she couldn’t do it herself because of her demanding job, blames herself for the shocking turn of events.

“I am a full-time employee and I don’t have enough money to hire a house-help.  “I, therefore, invited my mother to come over and help as I make plans to get a househelp,” Nekesa said. It’s believed Waliba, who works as a gardener in a neighboring school, was sneaking back into the house to make love with the 43-year-old mother-in-law once the wife left. “I am not married and was struggling with an intense dry spell.  “I found it hard to reject Kelvin’s advances”, the Mother-in-law told journalists. Now, the Luhya Council of elders has said they will perform a cleansing ceremony since the action is considered taboo in the Mulembe nation.

A man in Bungoma County has been charged after pleading guilty to impregnating hia mother-in-law. According to reports, the man impregnated his wife’s mother when she had gone to visit her daughter. Interestingly, the daughter was also pregnant. According to the women’s daughter, she noted her husband’s change of behaviour before confronting him. After some back and forth, the husband was arrested and presentede before a court whose judges were the are a village elders. After proper interrogations, the man disclosed that he was having a hidden affair with his mother in law who also confessed.

In his defense, the man claimed that his wife was always busy and did not fulfill her wife duties forcing him to bed her mother in a quest to satisfy himself. He further argued that he did not regret what he did because he was grown enough to admit and own his mistakes. The elders later charged the man where they asked him to present several animals in accordance with their traditions and cultures. They were later freed after being advised to find a way to coexist together in order to raise both babies.

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