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Lifestyle - Relationships - April 15, 2021

No Kissing, No Touching: Couple Reveal Secret On How They Remained Pure Until Marriage

Virginity is considered a sign of purity, and one has to save their body for their future partner. Many from different religions and communities practice it, especially those from the Islamic religion, which is more strict and insists one remaining a virgin until after marriage. Although virginity in men isn’t very important as in women, one Elon Katweheyo is among the few men who remained a virgin until he got married. In an interview with Daily Monitor, Elon said to keep pure, he avoided being alone in secluded places, and instead concentrated on group activities with their friends. 

“Whenever we met we would really want to make the most of the time but at the beginning of the relationship, we had set boundaries not to have s3x, kiss, or even caress. We had to honor our word. Sometimes I would be weak and she would be strong for us both and sometimes she would be and I would have to be strong for us both,” he said. Elon said that he met his now-wife Ruth in 2010 but started dating in 2013. They were both virgins and decided to stay pure until marriage. The couple was in a long-distance relationship, but they stayed true to their word despite the temptations. 

On the other hand, Ruth said they avoided being alone in secluded places to keep pure. “We avoided being in secluded places alone and did a lot of group activities during the whole time we were dating. This actually helped us a lot, apart from helping us hold fast to our vow of no s3x before marriage, it gave us a better understanding of each other because among friends it is very difficult not to be yourself.” Ruth and Elon wed in July 2016 and are now happily married with two children. 

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