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Entertainment - April 10, 2021

See How Ofweneke, His Ex Nicah Met

Former couple gospel singer Nicah the Queen and comedian Dr Ofweneke first met at a restaurant in town. “I had just done a collabo with Mr Tee, ‘Yes, I do’, and we were promoting it,” Nicah told Massawe Japanni in a recent interview on Radio Jambo.

“Ofweneke saw me there, appreciated my work and jokingly told me that, ‘Hiyo wimbo umefanya ya harusi, mimi na wewe tutafanya harusi. Mark your calendar.'” The comedian meant his words and things moved fast. The two settled and got children but later separated.

“Ofweneke is a good guy and I miss the moment and the memories we created. We are still good friends. I don’t miss going back to him.” He has since moved on with another woman but Nicah is still single.

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