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Entertainment - Latest - April 9, 2021

What Bahati Told Diana Marua’s Photographer After She Posted This Video

Kenyan gospel singer Kevin Kioko who is popularly known as Bahati has surprised many after he lectured his wife’s photographer on Instagram. Bahati is married to YouTuber Diana Marua and they are blessed with two beautiful children. They are however raising two other children, one is Morgan Bahati who was adopted years ago by the singer while the other is Mueni Bahati, Bahati’s first child with his ex-girlfriend. They have always put their life in public even small things about their family is always in the limelight. Their family and love life has never been a secret.

The ‘wanani’ hitmaker has been publicly declaring her love for his wife through social media posts and comments on her photos. Diana is a happy soul who loves life and is photogenic. A day never passes by without posting any of her photos on social media. She posted a video having a good time during her shoots and Bahati couldn’t hide his jealousy towards Diana’s photographer whom he accused of having many photos of his wife on his desktop. “Yaani huyu @infinity clix amenizoea Sasa. Amejaza tu picha na videos za Bibi Yangu kwa laptop yake. Amepata time wapi ya hizi edits zote. 

Hadi anakurewind. Halafu mbona video ikiisha anafocus kwa haga??” he wrote. He also wondered why the photographer was focusing on other parts than the others. His comment left many Kenyans in stitches while others wondered why he is being petty with the photographer. Neither Diana nor the photographer responded to the comment.

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