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Lady Who Took To The Streets Asking For A Husband Spotted With A Man (Video)

Kenyan Blogger CyprianNyakundi has left Netizens in surprise after sharing a photo of a Kenyan lady whose photo went viral on the Internet after she was spotted in the streets of Eldoret town carrying a banner announcing her search for a husband on Thursday Morning pausing for a photo with a gentleman. In a post on his Facebook page on Thursday night, Nyakundi Shared the photo of the two thereby raising speculations among Netizens on whether the lady’s bravery had finally borne fruit and given her a man who would probably meet her terms for a husband.

From a different source, The Eldoret middle-aged lady Identified as Lucy Chemutai who announced to Kenyans that she is looking for a husband has allegedly found the soulmate she has been looking for. Chemutai posed for a photo with her alleged newly found lover while in an introduction meeting at a popular hotel. She was looking for anyone ready to marry whether broke, rich, young, or old regardless of appearance. Chemutai surprised Eldoret residents when she took to it to the streets to decry husband scarcity. The middle-aged lady appeared to be experiencing a problem in identifying a serious young man that could marry her.

This is not something new to Kenyans as there are hundreds of Kenyan ladies who look for husbands through radio stations and finally get connected. Such connections may last by some turn into tears. Finding a good husband is not easy nowadays, ladies allege that most boys or men only want relationships but usually quit if a girl insists on marriage. Chemutai might have gone through a lot before she decided to publicly announce that she needed a man

Below are Reactions from Netizens on his post.

“Si alisema bora anapumua,mko sure huyu ata kupumua anapumua kweli🤔😂😂” a comment read.

“Hata wewe ukiangalia vizuuuri huyu jamaa anakaa serious na maisha kweli?” A comment read.

“Wanakaa tu venye wanataka!!!! She deserves him after kulenga inbox za watu in her 20s!” A comment read.

“Uyu alikua kalenjin comendian nothing serious.” A comment read.

“Happy marriage to them, watafute sasa pesa na wasipigane ngumi.” A comment read.

“Kumbe alikuwa serious akisema sura si issue.” A comment read.

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