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Entertainment - Latest - March 30, 2021

Socialite Bridget Achieng Accuses Ringtone Of Raping Her

Bridget Achieng shocked many on Monday, 29 March after sharing a video where she is heard accusing Ringtone of taking advantage of her back in 2013. According to Bridget Achieng this gospel singer at the time did not care about being exposed by a ‘nobody;’ but now that she has her own millions – the lady feels that she is ready to fight for justice. The story widely spread on social media however received a few mixed feelings here and there, but all I can say is that fans want to believe Bridget Achieng but judging from how she has lied before – it’s hard to say. Ringtone on the other hand continues to receive criticism from fans who feel that he could have sexually assaulted Bridget Achieng; that is looking back at some of the stories he has been accused of before. Anyway after hours of maintaining his silence – controversial singer Ringtone has come forth to distance himself from the accusations saying; Ati ngombe imenona imejaa maziwa iko round  inaanza kuongea…alafu mnaanza kuniambia mmmh mmmh As seen in a video shared on his page, the singer told off Bridget Achieng for trying to use his name to get to the top. Although he does not deny nor confirm whether he used force on the socialite; truth is – these two are the only ones who know what really happened on that fateful day.

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