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Entertainment - March 29, 2021

Citizen TV Actress Maria Gives Three Reasons Why She Does Not Have A Boyfriend

Yasmin Said alias Maria of Citizen TV has been hosted by Churchill Ndambuki today on the Churchill show where she gave her life story. She has highlighted her best moments as a lead actress in the just concluded show as well as the challenges. Maria has also shared her plans both in the film industry as well as in her education life. When asked if she has a boyfriend, Maria affirmed that she does not have and gave three reasons for her status.

First, she said she is a Muslim and her religion does not allow one to have a boyfriend. “Kwanzaa mimi ni muislamu an unajua ni haram kuwa a boyfriend.” She said Secondly, she said she is just a teenager and it is not yet time to have a boyfriend. Lastly, she said that she is first focusing on building her career and education. She has disclosed that she will be joining Daystar University to pursue Brand Management starting September this year. What is your take in this? What can you tell Maria?

Yasmeen said better known as Maria because of her acting in the program Maria opens up about her life on Churchill show journey edition. She was born and bred in Kibera, She went to Ribe girls in Kilifi, where she finished high school, she did little drama festivals in school, and she didn’t like it. She is from a family of 3 kids and her mother being an editor understood her and pushed her to be an actor although her father discouraged her at first. She then joined the program Maria just out of luck and her determination to do what she liked. Since she joined Maria she didn’t know that she will be very famous, but it all blew out and she never expected that everyone will be blown away by the fame.

The episode that she remembers most is when she acted as her mother was dead and she felt really emotional and cried the whole episode. She is now the brand ambassador of Indomie and also she took advantage of that and started the Jiamini campaign. She said she doesn’t have a boyfriend because as a Muslim it’s a sin to be in a relationship, and it’s only right when she is married legally so she will wait until then. She said her mentor now is Brenda Wairimu.

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