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Entertainment - Latest - March 29, 2021

Anerlisa Muigai Flaunts Growing Baby Bump, Confirming Rumored Pregnancy

No, it’s a potty nor a beer belly but a baby is growing inside Anerlisa Muigai’s womb, and just like any new mum; the Keroche Heirness cannot keep calm nor continue hiding her joy from her online family. After months of many claiming that Anerlisa Muigai is pregnant; the lass has finally confirmed this rumor now that she cannot conceal her bump with baggy clothes. Never before seen a photo from Anerlisa and Ben Pol’s wedding For this reason, the lady shared a short video parading a grown bump, and when you look closely it actually appears to be moving to mean that she is way past the first and mid-trimester.

Baby’s gender

Although most of these celebrities tend to mislead us with their posts; we will try and not to guess the baby’s gender despite Anerlisa’s hint about having a daughter. Could be that they are expecting a baby girl hence the cute little girly outfits she has been flaunting on her IG stories, but we also understand that Ben Pol has a son – so chances are that he may have a daughter this time around or just another baby boy.

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