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Entertainment - Latest - March 27, 2021

Homeboyz Radio Suspends Radio Presenters After Slur Against Women

Homeboyz Radio has suspended two radio presenters and a DJ for two weeks in relation to comments they made that appeared to victim shame and justify s3xual assault against women. Shaffie Weru, Neville and DJ Joe Mfalme, made the insensitive remarks on Wednesday when hosting the station’s breakfast show, The Lift Off.  The remarks, which were highly condemned by social media users, surrounded an incident where a lady named Eunice Wangari was thrown off the 12th floor of a building by a man whose s3xual advances she had turned down.

In a statement released on Friday, General Manager Somoina Kimojino said that a disciplinary inquiry gave ‘enough and justified reason’ to suspend the trio. “During the suspension period, the presenters and all other Homeboyz Radio presenters, producers and the Homeboyz radio social media team shall undergo mandatory gender awareness sensitization training and training on ethical reporting and on-air discussion of women issues, sexual assault and gender based violence,”  Kimojino said. She added that the training shall be conducted by the station’s legal team and a credible institution that is a key advocate of women’s rights and their protection from all forms of discrimination, bias and abuse. “As the leading heritage youth station in Kenya, Homeboyz Radio will start changing the narrative around violence towards women,” she assured listeners.​

The suspension of the presenters came hours after the station issued a public apology earlier on Thursday. “Homeboyz Radio does not condone s3xual assault, violence against women, victim shaming and any actions by men who do not respect women’s choices and their voices,” Kimojino said. The radio station also ran a public apology besides the one made separately by the presenters. “I realize and accept that my statements about the unfortunate incident that happened to Eunice were very insensitive and hurtful and could be interpreted by some as encouraging the already ongoing and unacceptable culture of violence against women and girls,” Shaffie said.

“I sincerely apologize to Eunice and her family and I deeply regret any harm that I have caused with my words,” he added. DJ Joe replicated the apology saying, “I do not and will never condone any form of violence against women and I will do my part to help put an end to it. I sincerely apologize for all the harm caused.” This whole situation comes after so many Kenyans have raised concerns on Gender Based Violence and the attack on women sexually or in any form whatsoever that is inappropriate and not consensual.

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