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Entertainment - Latest - March 26, 2021

‘I Will Have Kids With The Right Man’ Says Vera Sidika 5 Months After Marrying Brown Mauzo

I know we all saw Vera Sidika pregnant back in the day when she was still a stunning dark-skinned lady. For some reason, one of her friends allegedly leaked the photo online, and since then many are convinced that Vera Sidika is no small girl as she claims. Rumor has it that the lady gave her mother the baby she had back then, and having embarked on a well-paying career socialite – the lady had to do what she had to do in order to put food on the table for her family. Vera on the other hand continues to deny some of these rumors; but mostly insists that she has never been pregnant or has ever had a child before. Speaking about this through her gram, she said;

When did I ever get pregnant to begin with? Y’all are crazy. if I ever had a child he/she would be all over my IG I love kids. I’ve never been pregnant in my life before. And my mum would never let that happen. Ati I live my life and leave the child with her. Why? Yet I have a house and can get up to 10 nannies if I like. There is no shame in children While talking about why she is yet to have her own child, Vera Sidika explained that having a child is a personal decision; which she is yet to make.

In the same post, the lady went on to add that it also takes the right partner to have a child with; but didn’t she marry the right partner, Brown Mauzo just 5 months ago? Responding to a fan asking why she still doesn’t have a kid, Vera said; No child is a choice until one is ready and with the right person.

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