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Relationships - March 18, 2021

Common Mistakes Men Make In Bed That Annoys Women A Lot

Being good in bed is really important to women, and if you don’t have the skills and moves to satisfy women, they’ll be quick to let you go. Here are s3x mistakes men make in bed way too often that anger their partners.

Skipping foreplay

Women love foreplay. They adore being kissed and explored. They consider foreplay an essential part of s3x. Skipping foreplay makes s3x feel rushed. Yes, there are times when s3x is so passionate that foreplay is absolutely unthinkable. And then, it’s totally awesome. But when foreplay is regularly omitted, they’re not happy.


S3x is a two-way street. Just because you were satisfied, you can’t assume that she was too. Unless you made an effort to make it pleasurable for her, it may not have been. Keep in mind that not all women can have an orgasm on their own. Some women need a little extra assistance from you. Don’t think that she had an orgasm unless you tried to make it happen.

Not asking

Women have fantasies and thrive on emotions. They gossip about s3x just as much as you do, if not more. So, explore their fantasies. Ask them what they like and what they’ve always wanted to try.

Not manscaping

Manscaping is important. In case you’re not tuned into this new term, manscaping is defined as the removal or trimming of your hair “down there.” When you manscape, you’re making your woman happy. So, please do it.

Trying different positions

S3x should never be predictable. Women don’t ever want to have s3x in the exact same position every time. They like s3x to be the opposite of routine. They want it to be sensual and exciting. Remember how you couldn’t keep your hands off of her at the beginning of the relationship? Well, they want you to always feel that way.

Refusing to perform oral s3x

Going “downtown” is an absolute necessity. Plain and simple, no explanation is needed. It should be something you do very frequently because you know we love it.

Finishing way too quickly

Some men have trouble lasting long enough for their partner to enjoy herself. Let’s hope you’re not one of those because this is one of the serious mistakes men make in bed. You can’t put an estimated time on how long s3x should be. There’s no universal average because all women have different preferences. But it should be long enough to be pleasurable for both of you.

They don’t take control

Most of the time during s3x, women want men to be in control. They want you to demonstrate to them that you’re our man. They like being flipped around and pushed up against walls. Be dominant and show off your manliness.

You won’t stay and cuddle

After s3x, most women are filled with a lot of emotions. Their bodies have just released oxytocin, which causes us to be a little needier than usual. It’s their hormones’ fault. As a result, they like to relax for a few minutes after s3x and sometimes even cuddle.

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